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What people are saying

"For Goodness Sake is filled with easy, nourishing meals that will fill your table with love and compassion. You'll find delicious versions of classic dishes along with new ideas that quickly become old favorites. Thank you Chef Diane Hagedorn. Bon appétit!"

- Kris Carr, author, Crazy Sexy Kitchen

For Goodness Sake is a dream come true —simple, whole food ingredients come together quickly with results that satisfy. Creamy broccoli soup? Tom’s Cottage Pie? Blueberry Yum Crumble? YES PLEASE!! For goodness sake, you’ll love this cookbook!”

— Kathy Stevens, Founder, Catskill Animal Sanctuary; author, Where the Blind Horse Sings

“This is a cookbook for everyone! If you’ve ever considered leaving animal products off your plate for health or ethical reasons, this will nourish and enlighten.”

—Jenny Brown, Co-Founder, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary; author, The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals

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